Handshake Building Projects Construction Company

The role of the client is one of major importance in any building project and it requires involvement from the very beginning all the way to completion of the project. Here are some of the most important tasks that the client is in charge of:

  • Picking the parties in the project – the client is always the party that selects the other players, such as the architect, the interior designer and the general contractor or, if the process is not managed by a general contractor, the client will pick the contractors for handling specific project phases, such as concrete work, plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing and so on;
  • Budgeting – the client will also be responsible for calculating and allocating the project budget as well as for negotiating the rates and fees that the contractors will work for. The process is likely to involve many important decisions about the materials to purchase for the construction as well;
  • Approvals and payments – the client will enter contracts with the project participants, will reject and approve the work performed for various project phases and will also make the payments for the approved phases, in the form and by the deadline stipulated in the contracts.  For building projects see https://www.haselden.com/.