builder in Colorado client company responsibilities

The involvement of the client is an essential requirement for any new commercial building construction at the beginning stages, and sometimes along the entire duration of the project. Here are some of the most important duties of the commercial company:

  • Appointing specialists – it is the commercial company’s duty to choose the architects, designers and contractors involved in the construction. It is also the company’s duty to decide whether the project will be executed by multiple, specialized contractors, each of whom are hired by the construction company or whether the specialized work will be managed by a general contractor;
  • Providing information – the commercial company is also responsible for providing all the information necessary for carrying out the various project phases correctly, such as design preferences or quality requirements;
  • Notifications – construction projects that last longer than the number of days specified by the law or that work with teams that exceed a specific size must be notified to the authorities and the responsibility of the notification process belongs to the construction company;
  • Payments – depends upon the commercial company as to when payments for the individual project phases and/or when the construction project is complete are paid by the client, in the manner outlined in the contracts that pertain to the construction project. As with any new build it is best to choose one of the experienced builders in Colorado to do the build.