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Theater space design witnessed radical experimentation during the last century, from simplistic picture-frame stage, to round and thrust stages, like in the ancient Greece and Rome and the ultra-minimalist black-box theatre.

For example, the Shed in New York is a bold and ambitious project, while The Young Vic in London is a proof that a theatre can be remodeled in various ways, to increase flexibility.

Nowadays, we witness the rise of a new generation of theatres, with minimalist and eclectic aesthetics, their neutrality being used to create universally appealing theater spaces. Theaters now also acknowledge their context and many of them are being built in tone with the surroundings.

Another trend that we see developing these days is trying to recreate the texture and atmosphere of found spaces. That`s why we can expect to see more and more theatres in old buildings, such as St Ann’s Warehouse that occupies a tobacco warehouse and makes a virtue of its industrial feeling.

We can say that nowadays the theatre setting leaves its modest position, in the background, and ends up playing one of the main roles. The spectator enters the stage for a dialogue that takes the form of a visual path. And the design by Fort Collins contractors of the built space becomes an integral part of the show. These are very important considerations if you want to improve your theatre space with a great design.