Do you think of the word “dynamic” when you think of safety? Maybe not, but you should! Our Safety Department at Haselden is constantly upping their game, thinking of new ways to help not just our company, but the industry as a whole, build safer.

How? Sure, there’s the low-hanging fruit like going above and beyond OSHA requirements for things like fall protection and safety audits, and we definitely do those things. We require scaffold rails at 4 feet instead of OSHA’s 10 feet, and we do weekly safety audits instead of just monthly as OSHA requires. We have our new hires wear red hard hats for the first six months so the superintendents and forepersons can easily keep a closer eye on them. But what do we do that really encompasses our core values? Here are just a few ways Team Haselden goes the extra mile:

I Got Your 6 Program: We want to reward craft workers in a tangible way for improving jobsite safety. So we created a program that awards “Safety Bucks” for catching and correcting behavior and/or processes that could be done more safely. These awards go to both Haselden workers and subcontractor craft workers and the bucks can be used to purchase awesome merchandise!

Training Our Subcontractors: We are hiring a LOT of people here at Haselden – just check out our job openings page! And whenever we hold an OSHA 10-hour or OSHA 30-hour class to train our new hires, we usually have a few spots left open. When we do, we open these up to our subcontractors—free of charge. All you have to do is let us know you want to attend by contacting our Safety Training Manager, Rene Gonzalez. And this is in addition to the regular jobsite safety training we provide to our subs!

Resources, Resources, Resources: Knowledge is power. It may be a cliché, but it’s true. We work hard to put as much knowledge as we can in the hands of those who can use it, and we’re not stingy! We recently produced training videos on the new crystalline silica safety standards (in English and Spanish), and have uploaded them to our YouTube channel so that anyone can use them to train their team members – in fact, we encourage it! The safety page on our website and our LinkedIn Safety page are both great resources.

We couldn’t be more proud of our top-notch team! Just last month they took home 2nd place at the 18th Annual National Associated General Contractors Construction Safety Excellence Awards.

At Haselden, we really do have your 6!