Past 10 Years

Millennials are not very interested in working in constructions, according to recent statistics. This industry seems to lack the ability to motivate this generation, even if the last decade has seen some big changes and most companies already invest significantly in formation, training and motivation of the workers.

The average age of construction workers is now over 40 and this industry seems to be perceived as resistant to change and rather related to an older generation.

However, the construction industry has seen a few major changes in the past 10 years.

First, when it comes to technology, let`s just think about the new software that replaced guessing with accurate bids, the Building Information Modeling that brought more efficiency and cost savings to construction projects, as well as the GPS controlled equipment, which is a massive time-saver that also simplifies very complex jobs.

When it comes to safety and risks, things are not what they used to be either: they are better! Workers are not treated anymore as bodies or hands and the builders in Colorado are now very focused on elaborating efficient safety policies and get Workers Compensation to protect their employees, as they realized the benefits of minimizing the risks.