Estimate begin talks commercial construction contractors start work

New commercial building construction projects are usually very complex and require the cooperation and synergy of many Fort Collins contractors and construction professionals. Like any complex process, commercial construction also needs to start with communication – here is a short timeline for the initial communication phase:

  • The initial planning – ideally, this phase takes about two or three months, depending on the complexity of the building to be constructed. This is the phase in which the experts who will work on the project, such as the architect and the general contractor are selected and they meet with the client. The phase involves intense communication between the client and the other experts as this is the period when the client presents the requirements and the specialists involved propose building solutions;
  • The building design phase – this phase also takes a couple of months and it also involves lots of communication, especially with the participation of the architect, the interior designer and the client. This is when the construction is starting to take shape on paper and when not only the architectural features are selected, but the finishes, the fixtures and the decorations are chosen and designed as well;
  • The construction phase – the actual, practical building phase also involves lots of communication with the participation of all the parties involved, including the architect and the designer teams, the general contractor and the subcontractors.