How Wyoming Construction Company Deals With Quality Waste Management

Any new construction, demolition or reconstruction involves waste. More waste is generated from the renovation/remodeling works than from the construction of a new building. It is therefore necessary to address the circularity and sustainability of materials used in construction.

Some products and materials may contain toxic, carcinogenic compounds or allergens, irritants, as well as compounds with unknown toxic properties: degradation products, volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (formaldehydes, aromatic organic solvents), antiparasitic compounds, biological pollutants (mold, bacteria), natural and artificial mineral fibers (asbestos, glass wool, basalt mineral wool). As a result of prolonged storage, some non-hazardous materials can also become dangerous, through contact with various pollutants.

A quality Wyoming construction company pays increased attention to waste management. Some companies sign contracts with special services, for the take-over of the waste, but these are not always sorted by types of material, and are only disposed of, not reused, recycled or recovered.

In addition to complying with the rules regarding the storage, recovery and recycling of waste materials resulting from construction projects, a construction company must also take into account the following aspects:

  • Calculating the amounts of materials needed, as accurately as possible;
  • Using construction methods that reduce the quantity of waste produced both on site and by suppliers, that also allow for easier subsequent disassembly;
  • Using recycled materials;
  • Avoiding unnecessary demolitions by carefully evaluating existing structures and trying to integrate them into new projects;
  • Choosing controlled demolition processes that allow the recovery and capitalization of some construction materials.