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Construction bidding is the process of submitting or obtaining proposals to undertake and manage a construction project in its entirety or to manage and undertake specific project phases.

Commercial bidding processes essentially work the same way as obtaining a cost estimate for any type of work to be performed in your home, with the notable difference that the project owner companies usually do not actively search for available contractors – commercial building projects are usually announced on specialized platforms, with detailed information regarding the scope and the value of the project, then interested bidders prepare their documentations and submit them on the platform for evaluation by an committee of experts. The tenders submitted by commercial building contractors are also essentially the same as the cost estimates providing for a residential project – they include information about the proposed materials, labor rates and the range of services included, but they need to be much more detailed than the cost estimates provided for a simple home repair. Most tenders also require the applicants to provide proof of their licenses, insurances, certificates, degrees and other credentials that can prove the quality of the company’s services to help the committee that evaluate the submitted tenders to decide.  Haselden Construction of Denver is one of the top rated commercial construction companies in Colorado.