Safety Guidelines

A few decades ago, construction safety regulations were not what they are today. In the meantime, the entire safety culture has changed dramatically, making safety a priority as does a general contractor Fort Collins CO and surrounding cities employ.

In the beginning of the 20th century, work accidents were a common occurrence in constructions, and workers would put their lives at risk on a regular basis, to get their job done. Accidents used to happen very often, because there was nothing to protect them.

In 1930’s, personal protective equipment for safety in constructions was still nonexistent, but workers used to protect themselves from potential falls by using cables.

Safety requirements were introduced only during the 1940’s – 1950’s. This period finally saw the introduction of safety accessories, such as masks, gloves etc., as well as of onsite advertisements (posters, in most of the cases), to remind workers act in a safe manner.

Protective equipment designed to prevent injuries and fatalities was provided in the late 1960’s, which paved the way for the safety campaigns of the 21st century, that we know today, when the safety culture in constructions is taken seriously.  Now, there are strict legislations, and companies implement their own procedures and systems to provide the safest possible working environment for their employees. As a consequence, statistics show a significant decline of work-related injuries.