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Environment-friendliness is a requirement of growing importance in any industry, the construction segment being no exception. Switching to green technologies poses a variety of challenges in a segment in which efficiency depends so much on the availability of high-capacity machines. However, Denver contractors are aware of the importance of using green solutions – here are some that are becoming increasingly widespread:

  • Using recycled materials – one of the ways that the Colorado building industry is moving in the direction of sustainability is through the usage of recycled materials. Metals, for example, can be reused without losing their physical and chemical properties and concrete manufactured with sustainable technologies is also widely used;
  • Sourcing materials locally – obtaining construction material sources increases sustainability by reducing the environmental burden caused by transport;
  • Prefabrication – one of the benefits that make prefabricated buildings so popular these days is reduced energy consumption. The process involves the production of the building components in a factory, the assembling and disassembling of the building at the factory to check the compatibility of the components, then the delivery of the components to the final building site. The process reduces the need to use many large, high-capacity construction machines on the building sites and it reduces the need to move these machines between building sites as well.