Anyone in the construction industry today understands the difficulties associated with hiring and keeping qualified team members. One way Haselden is trying to combat this is to look within our own company for people who may be interested in making a change. Many people choose a career path and are happy staying on that track for the longevity of their tenure at the company. However the reality is, for myriad reasons, people sometimes want or need to make a change. One way to retain high-performing team members in those situations is help them explore alternative positions at our company.

One of Haselden’s core values is Entrepreneurial Spirit which we define as creating an environment that encourages idea generation Haselden Construction Vision, Purpost, & Valuesand risk taking, and expecting our team members to see it, own it, solve it, do it. The philosophy of hiring from within embraces that value.


Operations to Office

Over the years we’ve had a lot of success with team members transitioning from the field to the office, bringing the skills and knowledge they procured on the job sites to bear in roles in preconstruction, business development, and even IT. Director of Business Development Eric Blanke is a perfect example of this. Eric started with Haselden over 20 years ago, transitioning from a superintendent into our Business Development Department, which he now heads. His many years in the field give him insight into project pursuits that are unique to someone who spent a good portion of his career with boots on the ground, building projects. Another instance is Kim Hagger, our current Director of IT. Kim originally came to Haselden as our Operations Technology Specialist, but when the position for Director of IT opened up, she decided to interview for it and was selected as the most qualified candidate.

One of our most recent transitions is Preconstruction Manager Dan Bates (pictured above, far left). Dan has been in the construction industry for nearly 14 years, and joined Haselden in 2014. Dan started as a project manager, but at the end of 2017 transitioned to our Preconstruction Department. How did this happen? Preconstruction was looking for someone with considerable management experience, and Dan had over a dozen years in operations. From Dan’s side, it was an opportunity for him to be closer to home and know where he was going to be every day. “It’s definitely a trade off,” he stated. “I enjoyed being outside and handling issues on the site. Being in the field is fun, but being home with my family more is a big deal for me.”

Examining the Learning Curve

Shifting to a new position definitely has a learning curve. In Dan’s case, he went from building structures to building estimates. He had to learn new processes he hadn’t dealt with before, and understand new strategies. However filling a position in-house also means the person understands our company culture and the “Haselden way.” They understand the high level of customer service we confer on each and every job, and that, not only are our external clients important, but our internal clients are as well. They also have a comprehension of past projects and company history, which is helpful in any position.

What If I Don’t Work for Haselden Yet?

We still need new people! We have grown from around 280 people in 2015 to over 500 today. We’ve instituted an awesome program called CMaP (Construction Management Professional) that new college graduates can hire into and allows them to rotate through multiple departments (usually operations, virtual design & construction, and preconstruction) to see where their passion lies. We also hire for multiple field positions, including for our self-perform teams—miscellaneous metals, concrete, earthwork, and interiors.

Whether you’re a Haselden team member now or become one in the future, the opportunities here are limitless!