Construction Companies Engage Expert Contractors

Hiring a contractor for your building or home renovation project does not pose special health risks in normal situations, but the Covid-19 virus has turned our world upside down and has also changed the way we should handle construction work done by hired Denver construction companies and their teams or individual contractors. Here are some safety and health-related aspects to consider:

  • Consider the urgency of the project – even if you have already scheduled the day when your building project starts, it is probably a good idea to postpone it until the health crisis is resolved, hopefully soon;
  • Stick to work done outside – if your project cannot wait, concentrate on the project phases that concern the exterior of your building, such as exterior painting or work done on the roof;
  • Handling interior work safely – if you are faced with an emergency inside the home, such as a burst pipe, ask the person that you will hire whether they have any symptoms that could indicate a Covid infection. While the work is being done by the contractor, stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else in the team. After the contractor leaves, put on a mask and gloves and disinfect all the surfaces in the room. Also, open every door and window in the room to let in fresh air.