higher education

Understanding the needs of higher education facilities.

We tackle the unique dynamics of every higher-education project — be it a state-of-the-art, new building or a major renovation — by developing a complete understanding of the wants and needs of our clients, the students, and the community. Whether you are looking for a Construction Manager/General Contractor or a Design-Build partner, Haselden has the experience and expertise to make your project a success.

Today’s higher education facilities are more than just classrooms. They are sophisticated, technology-driven buildings — many of our campus projects are research laboratories — requiring your construction partner to understand today’s technology and tomorrow’s. Haselden is that partner.

We know that as your campus grows and thrives, new buildings need to fit within the existing master plan, while providing a modern face for the campus to attract the highest caliber of students and faculty. To meet the needs of faculty and students alike, we work with these user groups in collaboration with your design team to develop a complete understanding of how the spaces will be used. Because student fees are often used to pay for new projects, we also work to develop an understanding of their must-haves and wants for what ultimately becomes their project and yours.

During our collaboration efforts, we will develop a complete understanding of your campus and your project goals, defining what will benchmark your project’s success. This understanding will ensure you receive a sustainable and energy-efficient building, maximum value for your budget, and the highest levels of quality and safety.