Booyah! We’re promoting health, wellness — and some fun competition these days with the Sonic Boom Wellness Initiative.

Haselden employees companywide are wearing pedometers and tracking their strides and activity to help us build a healthier workforce that we hope also translates into fewer insurance claims and lower health insurance rates for our company and all of our employees.

Sonic_Boom_Leader_Board We started the Sonic Boom program at the start of 2014 with 75 employees at our headquarters in Centennial, Colo. Now, the program is expanding to all of our work sites. While participation is voluntary, up to 400 employees can jump into the competition to earn rewards that allow them to purchase an array of cool stuff. Digital “leader boards” display Haselden’s top steppers — OK, some of them are runners, too — in near real-time, which makes the competition even more fun.

“There is no daily step goal — except to rack up as many steps as you can,” said our chief financial officer, Troy Schroeder, who has spearheaded this initiative. “We hope all employees will initiate their own challenges to achieve optimum wellness.”