Heart of the Rockies_WaitingDesigned by Davis Partnership, this new, efficient facility attracts more physicians, medical staff and technicians to the area — maximizing the hospital’s capabilities while maintaining the staffing levels and minimizing operational costs. The new medical facility also provides for energy savings by incorporating the green building systems, such as PVC-free wall protection and lumber from certified forests.

The site selected was originally deemed a federally protected wetlands. Haselden worked with the federal government, City of Salida and the hospital staff to change the designation to allow building to occur. Despite the delay, Haselden was able to deliver the facility within the original timeframe.

The first winter had historic precipitation for the area, at the time which were in the middle of the construction of the concrete structure. To keep the project on track, Haselden enclosed the entire structure and used temporary heating to allow us to continue to pour concrete in the winter.

Heart of the Rockies_MRIThe hospital was not prepared at the time documents were issued to finalize the MRI equipment. Haselden worked with the hospital throughout construction, keeping the MRI suite unfinished until those choices were made towards the end of construction. This allowed the hospital to get the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment available, while allowing them to preserve capital until the end of the project.