health care facility

Success begins with a “patient-first” focus.

Based on our history of constructing healthcare facilities, Haselden knows project success — whether on an operating campus or for a new facility — begins with a ‚Äúpatient-first” focus.

Our Patient-First mentality filters everything we do through a lens intensely trained on the impact our activities will have — and could have — on the patient experience.

This careful approach begins in preconstruction, as we collaborate with you and the design team, and it continues all the way through the warranty phase. Our goal is to ensure you can provide the highest quality patient care during construction and long afterwards.

Project success is defined by more than budget and schedule. Our mission is to satisfy every client by determining how they measure success — whether that’s by becoming a top 10 teaching hospital or the most technologically advanced healthcare facility in the country.

The first step in every Haselden project is to meet with you to identify and understand your goals, so we can ensure every facet of the project meets your definition of success.