Today, many young people coming right out of college with a degree in Construction Management, Architecture, or Engineering know they want to immerse themselves in the interesting and exciting world of construction but don’t know exactly what they want to do. And there are more options than you might think! Long gone is the tradition of simply spending your days on a construction site building a project. Allowing team members to create their destiny is a focus at Haselden Construction and it’s truly a game changer for those entering the workforce.

In the true manner of a Top Workplace, Haselden decided to develop a program to help new team members choose their own path. The Construction Management Professional Program, or CMaPP, runs 24 to 30 months and rotates participants through three departments: Preconstruction, Virtual Design & Construction (VDC), and Operations. Typically, a person starts in Preconstruction with one project, follows that project to VDC, then concludes the rotation by working on that same project in the field. This provides a continuity of experience that delving straight into a traditional position doesn’t.

“It’s a benefit to the team member because it allows exposure to different areas of the company in an organized fashion and in a way that’s already received buy-in from the rest of the company,” states Senior Project Manager Brian Hunt, who was integral in developing the program. “It’s a benefit to Haselden because the CMaPP participant ultimately becomes a more well-rounded team member and understands the business that much better.”

How It All Started

Several years ago, Brian, along with Christian Ekstrom (Director of Preconstruction) and Amanda Napier (HR Generalist), spearheaded a committee to craft what would become Haselden’s CMaPP. The intent was to invest in team members’ futures from the moment they started at Haselden, allowing them to learn about the industry while they hold a full-time job. “When you graduate you may not be sure exactly what you want to do—this gives you the opportunity to develop your own path and figure out what your passion is while continuing your education and acclimating into the business of construction,” said Amanda Napier.

Cognizant of the participants’ time, Haselden wanted the new hires to be able to complete their rotations in 24 to 30 months. This would give them adequate time in each department to allow them to make an educated decision as to which facet of construction they want to pursue, as well as learn the ropes in each. The curriculum was developed and the team determined how the rotations would work. The next step was to recruit new team members to be part of the program.

CMaPP Is a Go!

Chris Scanlan, Dakota Moore, and Trever Hanson were the first inductees into the program. Starting in preconstruction/VDC, they transitioned to the field and have recently become our first CMaPP graduates! They’ve taken part in all aspects of general contracting, beginning with the procurement of a project, and will see their projects through to close-out—the full lifecyle.

“They’re exposed to many different aspects of the industry before choosing their career path,” said Christian Ekstrom. “Additionally, they gain exposure to the awesome Haselden culture both at the office and on-site.”


In addition to the obvious benefits of learning and career preparation, the program has had serendipitous benefits for both the participants and the company. Working in the office, the new team members had the opportunity to meet many more coworkers than if they had gone straight to a project site. It also gives the younger members of each department a chance to take someone under their wing and mentor them, while still under the supervision of the more experienced members in the department. And perhaps most importantly, it’s broken down the silos of preconstruction and operations. The two departments have always worked well together, but this program has integrated them even further.

What path did Chris, Dakota, and Trever choose? These three have chosen to stay in the field and are now on-site as project engineers. We currently have 8 more men and women in our CMaP program and can’t wait to see what paths they choose!

Dakota Moore

“As a newer Haselden team member, this program provided me opportunities to work on great projects with amazing people. It was also exciting to be a part of something new at Haselden. I feel that if it weren’t for this program, I would not have had the opportunity to build the relationships that I have. I believe this program can serve as a valuable opportunity for new college graduates hired on at Haselden, or for anyone new to the industry. I am extremely thankful for those individuals that have invested in the CMaP program, and my career so far.”

Chris Scanlan

“CMaPP has been a great tool not only to help with the development of my career at Haselden but with my development as a construction professional. The preconstruction experience that I gained has proven very beneficial in the field, and I know all the operations experience will prove very useful for any preconstruction services I provide in the future. This is a very unique experience that allows young professionals to work through all facets of the construction industry and find what aspect they are best suited for.”

Trever Hanson

“The CMaP program has provided me with an invaluable foundation from which to start my career at Haselden.  By placing me under great mentors and with great co-workers in Operations and Preconstruction, I had the time and the resources to learn the tools to be an effective Estimator and Project Engineer.  I am excited to see what the future ‘graduates’ of this program are able to bring to Haselden.”