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This summer one of our Team Haselden members took a break from working on the University of Wyoming High Bay Research Facility to work on a much different type of school. Superintendent Dan Krueger spent two weeks volunteering with Engineers Without Borders through the University of Wyoming to help build a dormitory and playground at Hope School in Mbita, Kenya, Africa.

Hope School provides education for approximately 500 children, grades 1-5, many of them orphans. Because so many of these kids don’t have families, the dormitory is even more important, providing a stable home for them year-round.

africa - hope school

But construction in this part of the world is nothing like we’re accustomed to; the masonry and concrete structure was built without the benefit of simple items we take for granted like tape measures (Dan used sticks to measure) and concrete finishing tools. africa - building

None of this deterred Dan, who has applied to work on another project, this one in Guatemala. But he also hopes to be part of the additional dormitory and kitchen project that Hope School plans to build next year. “It’s a life-changing experience,” said Dan. “You see it in the movies and on TV, but you can’t really imagine what it’s like until you’re there.”

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