This year Haselden submitted three projects for ENR Mountain States Best Projects Awards – and every project brought one home! Every year the competition is fierce and this year was no different. The teams that built these projects—not only Haselden, but the architects, engineers, subconsultants, and subcontractors—worked together, overcame challenges, and gave the client an incredible final project in order to walk away with these honors. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Colorado State University Biology Building

Fort Collins, CO

Winner – Higher Education/Research Category

The Biology Building has become a cornerstone of Colorado State University’s new Science Quad. It is a $60.7 million, 4-story classroom and biology research facility that includes an auditorium-style lecture hall, computer labs for students, general teaching and research labs, and offices for faculty and graduate students. As a stop on the campus tour, it also serves as a museum of sorts: the amazing exhibits throughout the first floor were crafted by award-winning museum exhibit designers and composed to be enjoyed and studied in time increments ranging from 30 seconds (for example, a child touring with his or her parent or sibling) to 30 minutes (a graduate student). A 2-story fish tank and live plant wall add to the unique exhibits to make this a one-of-a-kind learning environment. The LEED® Gold Biology Building is a prime example of a successful design-build project.

UCHealth Longs Peak Hospital, Longmont, CO

Winner – Health Care Category

Northern Colorado is growing by leaps and bounds, and with that comes the need for increased access to quality healthcare. Haselden Construction was tasked with building the new Longs Peak Hospital for UCHealth at a pace that kept up with the quickly expanding population of the region. In an incredible 14 months, we took an empty 44 acre site with a historically registered irrigation ditch running through it to a state-of-the-art, 220,000 SF hospital—including a scope that was greatly expanded from that of the original RFP.

This project gave rise to increased use of prefabrication and creative QR code applications. Prefabrication transferred 34,000+ hours from the field and reduced the schedule by 121 working days—a 22% schedule savings. QR codes were used to aid in the punchlist, and to provide the owner with facilities maintenance support after the building was complete (read more about this on our blog).

Riverview School, Glenwood Springs, CO

Merit Award – K-12 Education Category

Haselden provided construction services for this brand new PK-8 neighborhood school that serves the area south of Glenwood Springs. The new, 76,000 SF school is located 2.5 miles south of Glenwood Springs just east of the intersection of Colorado 82 and the Westbank (Garfield County Road 154) and opened with 345 students and 45 staff members. The school can eventually serve up to 450 students. Its design features include views of the Roaring Fork River; a 7,000 SF gymnasium; a youth baseball/soccer field; a dedicated space for art, music, and technology; and breakout spaces in every classroom section.

This school greatly alleviates the overcrowding many other schools in the area were experiencing. Additionally, Riverview has a unique teaching/learning approach in that it is a dual language school, meaning classes are taught in both English and Spanish. By the time students reach 5th grade, they will be fluent in both languages. Only a handful of dual language schools exist in Colorado, and even fewer in the mountains. This school offers the community a distinctly different learning opportunity.

Riverview School Team

Success on these projects wouldn’t be possible without the support of incredible owners! Colorado State University, UCHealth, and Roaring Fork School District all collaborated with us to make such positive outcomes possible. A special congratulations to UCHealth who was chosen as ENR Mountain States’ 2018 Owner of the Year!