A lot happened in 1973. It was the first year women could serve on juries in all 50 states. The MRI was invented. A Great Builder was created. This is the year Haselden Construction celebrates 45 years in business!

45 years. Wow!

Originally started as Haselden-Langley Construction when they first hung their shingle, Jim Haselden and Bud Langley started their company out of Jim’s garage. Their first project was the Leyden Garage. We still build garages – they’re just a little bigger now. We also build the buildings—like hotels and hospitals—that those garages support.

Being a Best Place to Work

Haselden has always been a great place to work. The last few years, we’ve decided to make it official and go for the Denver Post’s Best Places to Work designation and we’ve succeeded! What exactly makes us such a fantastic place to work? To start with, we’ve implemented some great benefits (like flexible PTO and parental leave for both mothers and fathers) and our family culture is unbeatable. We hold many events for our team members throughout the year to show our appreciation for their hard work – holiday party, golf tournament, BBQs, Flauta Fridays, our annual car show – just to name a few. (Do you already want to work here?! Check out our careers page!)

Leyden Garage

UCHealth Anschutz Employee Garage

Changing with the Times

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being progressive. While construction may at one time have been an industry women didn’t enter, that’s not the case now. Several years ago Haselden started a Lean-In Group to support and encourage women in our industry and specifically at Haselden. The group has grown and evolved, and is making a difference both in our company and in our community. We hold social/health & wellness events, professional development events, and community outreach events each quarter.

Haselden Spanish OSHA Training

Haselden Senior Environmental Safety Training Manager Rene Gonzalez conducting an OSHA 10 safety course in Spanish earlier this month.

Another area Haselden has evolved is recognizing the need for Spanish speakers in our industry. Several members of our Human Resources team are fluent in Spanish as is our Training Department and multiple team members in our Safety Department. This ensures understanding as well as giving our Spanish-speaking team members a Sense of Belonging – something we value highly at Haselden. We also post to our Facebook site weekly in Spanish to reach our Spanish-speaking team members and followers.

Prefabrication is another innovation we’ve embraced whole-heartedly. A technique that wasn’t even imagined in 1973 is now something we consider for each project and enables a speed to market that was unfathomable when Haselden started.

Supporting Our Communities

Supporting the communities we work and live in has always been paramount to Haselden. From donations to smaller organizations like HopeKids Colorado to organizing large events like our annual clay shoot benefiting Homes For Our Troops and a day with Extreme Community Makeover, we are dedicated to helping and making a difference.

My dad started something great,” said Byron Haselden, CEO and president.
“My family and my brothers have built on that and every Haselden team member contributes. Every year we get stronger and better, and it’s because we all work together and we have outstanding clients.”