The job application process is difficult and often tricky and not only for the job candidate, but for the interviewer as well. The resumes submitted by the candidates in the first phase of the application process are supposed to provide an overview of their experience, skills and abilities, but it is the job interview that will reveal the candidate’s personality and will create the impression that eventually leads to the final decision, so it is essential for recruiters and employers to ask the right question – here are some of the most important topics to be covered:


  • The difference the candidate can make to the company – asking candidates why they consider themselves to be the best fit for a job tells a lot about how they see themselves and about how they see the company.
  • Strengths and weaknesses – nobody is perfect and being aware of our weak and strong points is essential for personal growth and development. A candidate who knows his or her worth, but is also able to acknowledge weaknesses is one who is interested in permanent self-improvement.
  • Motivation – knowing what motivates the candidate helps recruiters decide whether the interviewee fits into the company’s culture.
  • Expectations – knowing how the candidate views his or her career options reveals their ambitions and aspirations. When it comes to seeking a job at one of the well known Denver construction companies, the expectations can be pretty high, as they should be.