Haselden Construction Company How To Dress For Halloween Costume

If you are a proud construction worker and you are passionate about your job, there is no reason why not to show your enthusiasm by choosing an expressive costume for the upcoming Halloween. Fortunately, construction work involves lots of tools that can be used as symbols, so here are some ideas for you:

  • Construction worker, Village People-style – all you need for this one is a blue shirt, a pair of indigo jeans, work boots, a short-sleeved blue shirt, a belt with a tool pocket, a hard hat, vintage sunglasses and the most important accessory, a large, black fake moustache;
  • Sporting an overall – this one should come with lots of clever pockets for tools. Just put on a yellow or beige overall and get some toy tools, including a small hammer, a wrench, a plastic saw and pliers. Don’t forget the belt that accommodates the tools;
  • Wear a construction vest with reflective strips – if you want to show some skin and muscles, wearing a white shirt combined with an orange vest, jeans, boots and a hard hat is the best way to pull off the looks. To make the costume even more expressive, get some toy tools, too.  For great costume ideas visit Haselden Construction in Denver online for ideas of how the professional construction worker dresses.