In 2017, Haselden Construction embarked on a new endeavor: Interiors. This division has a dedicated workforce including a general superintendent, general foreman, estimator, project manager, carpenters, and laborers. Having this pool of talent available is just one more way Haselden goes about fulfilling our customers’ needs completely.


What Do We Do in Interiors?

Interiors is a bit of a misnomer. We do exteriors, too! The work this division performs includes interior steel studs, exterior steel studs, drywall, insulation, vapor barrier, sheathing, gyp board, tape and finish, acoustic ceilings, and doors/frames/hardware. Whether it’s a school, office space, or healthcare facility, our team can handle projects ranging from small renovations to large new construction.

Why Did Haselden Start an Interiors Division?

Our On-Call Division does many smaller projects. Because of the nature of this type of work (small, compartmentalized jobs requiring many mobilizations), finding willing interior subcontractors was difficult and often times cost prohibitive. To remedy this situation, Haselden created its own workforce to provide this labor component for On-Call projects.


Division Growth

Since starting Interiors, we’ve expanded the range of projects we undertake. We now work on large Haselden projects as well as the smaller On-Call projects. To date, our largest Interiors project is the “make ready” work at the UCHealth Tower 3 project on the Anschutz Campus.

“In the contexts of competition, quality control, and managing labor, it’s a win-win situation for both us and the owner,” states Haselden Vice President Jarrod Fugate who leads the Interiors Division. “We saw a rise in jobs being understaffed from an interiors perspective, and this allows us to ensure the proper manpower, scheduling, and quality. From the owner’s point of view, the cost is the same—sometimes less—and we now have control over a critical path activity which helps the project in the long run.”

Haselden Construction Self-Perform Interiors - Dawson Innovation Center

As with our other Self-Perform services such as Concrete and Miscellaneous Metals, the Interiors Division capabilities are also available for other general contractors or directly with owners.