As part of our Getting to Know Haselden series, we’re introducing our quarterly MVPs—most valuable players. The team members aren’t chosen by management, they’re chosen by their peers. Every three months, team members at Haselden submit nominations for people that feel have truly embodied Haselden’s core behaviors.

Chuck Mills: Superintendent … Grandfather … MVP

Chuck started working in construction with his granddad when he was a junior in high school. Since then, he’s worked in coal mines, power plants, oil rigs, structural steel … all industries that didn’t keep him pinned behind a desk. At the end of 2014, Chuck decided his career priorities lay in finding a company whose ideologies matched his own: treating all team members with fairness and inclusivity. He began looking for something that was a better fit. At that time, Haselden was working in his hometown of Meeker, Colorado, building the new Pioneers Medical Center. Chuck went to the site, asked if we could use him, and was hired as a carpenter. It’s been five and half years, and Chuck has worked his way through the ranks to the position of superintendent.

After beginning his tenure at Haselden on the Pioneers Medical Center project, Chuck worked on Valley View Hospital, Riverview School, Eagle Valley High School, Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley Campus – both the Robert J. Young Alpine Ascent Center and the Outdoor Leadership Center & Fieldhouse, and is








currently working on Meeker High School. I asked him what his favorite project has been so far; that was definitely a difficult question, but in the end, it came down to coming home. “Meeker High School,” he said, “because I’m home. I’m two minutes from my house and get to go home and have lunch with my sweetheart every day.”

The first time I heard Chuck refer to his sweetheart, I thought it was someone he had recently started dating. But this is how he refers to Susan, his wife of nearly 37 years (pictured right). It’s easy to see why Chuck is so likable! Susan and Chuck have a son who lives on the East Coast, and a daughter who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. They also have three grandsons, ages 5 months, 3 years, and 7 years.

Another great advantage to working in his hometown is being able to contribute to the community. Not just in the form of the new high school, but also through providing economic stimulus during some tough times. The community has help Chuck and Haselden as well! Chuck has been able to call on his local contacts to source equipment or supplies that might be scarce.

Most Valuable Player

There are many reasons Chuck was nominated for MVP. The person who nominated him (this is done anonymously) stated, “Chuck is one of those rare individuals that shows up and give his one hundred and ten percent effort no matter the circumstances and working with him has been an inspiring experience.” Throughout his nomination, Chuck’s dedication to both his team

Haselden Construction Superindent Chuck Mills and his wife, Susan Mills

and his projects is repeatedly noted. He truly cares about his crew and encourages their growth as people and in their careers. The write-up describes how he “makes a noticeable effort to create a positive and excited team.” Chuck thrives on finding solutions to challenges and is always accepting of advice and open to new ideas. His MVP submittal emphasized, “At the end of each day, Chuck doesn’t need to talk the talk, because his actions speak louder than words.”

Team Player

One of the great things about Chuck—and it is truly evident when you know him—is that he is a team player to the core. At Haselden, that is something that is valued, respected, and advocated. Tune in for our next blog post and get to know another slice of Haselden!

Haselden Construction Superintendent Chuck Mills BBQing at Meeker High School homecoming parade in 2019

What Does Chuck Like About Being a Super?

“I like being able to help coordinate the job and building my relationship with the subcontractors—being able to pull the best out of them by simply removing the obstacles that are in their way, making them part of the team, understanding their situation, and giving them all the help I can. And I love the speed and accuracy of what we do!”

Chuck Mills: Mason

Chuck is a 32nd degree Mason. You can learn more about his membership and how it integrates into his career in this blog post we did back in 2017.