Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, Colo., was designed and constructed using the school district’s nationally recognized “Sustainable Design Guideline” with the goal of achieving LEED® certification.

These guidelines are driven by more than a desire to build efficient, environmentally friendly structures. They also encompass a complete philosophy that helps the district realize a superior learning environment with long-term cost savings.

FossilRidge-LunchArea1The project incorporated environmentally friendly building materials, construction waste reduction and recycling, the use of renewable energy sources, high-quality and energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, sustainable site planning and landscape design and water conservation. Fossil Ridge was the first LEED-certified high school in Colorado — and the second in the United States.

In addition to ball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, a track and field complex and a 600-seat auditorium, Fossil Ridge High School operates with the “school-within-a-school” concept. The facility is divided into three smaller teaching houses to promote learning.

Haselden phased the completion to allow the district to occupy the facility early and enable easy move-in.

“If you are looking for a construction firm that knows how to please a demanding Owner, you would be hard-pressed to find an organization more qualified than Haselden Construction.”
Michael J. Spearnak, AIA, Poudre School District