commercial building construction First Steps Solutions

Engaging into a commercial building project is a huge task that requires lots of planning and preparations – here are some of the first steps before the actual building process can start:

  • Obtaining the land – whether you need a new building to extend the warehouse already existing on your property or you need a building in an all-new location, the first task is to decide how you will get the land you need. This process might include the evaluation of your financing options, putting together the documentation to present to your bank and buying or leasing the plot of land that you need;
  • Finding a suitable architect and getting the building designed – whether you need a simple, standard building or a construction that has to meet special requirements, you will need an architect a design and blueprints to be able to move forward;
  • Obtaining permits and authorizations – when you have the blueprints as well as the land, you will need to obtain the permits necessary for starting and performing the construction. The process involves submitting documents to various authorities and waiting for the permits to be issued. You might also be required to implement changes in your blueprints and submit the amended versions, which might also prolong the permitting process.  Working with a company at will help you through all this process.