All statistics show that Denver is growing by about 80,000 residents every year – people of all ages, with various lifestyles and budgets, and creating many top notch construction jobs in Colorado. With its 78 neighborhoods, the Mile High City provides living conditions to all – young, adults or seniors, family people or individuals, professionals or artists etc.

If you are looking for a good neighborhood to move in with your family, browse through the ones with living costs that you can afford, best rated schools, as well as easy access to shops, dinners and other entertainment options for children or all ages and adults alike. If you are working in another part of the town, you should probably also consider a neighborhood that offers convenient connection to your work place. Platt Park, Cherry Creek and Hilltop are only a few suggestions for family people.

Young professional may prospect places like Lower Downtown, Capitol Hill or Congress Park, while artists and creative people will surely find a good place to live in one of the neighborhoods with great coffee shops, street festivals, art galleries and museums, theatres, not to mention the antique shops, locally owned jewelry stores and libraries: East Colfax, Five Points etc.

Last but not least, there is also Highland, which is a bit more ethnic than the other neighborhoods, with Italian-Americans, longtime Hispanic families, as well as immigrants.