Welding & Metal Fabrication Workers

There are many misconceptions floating around about metal fabrication. While the process itself is well-defined among experts, regular people often have trouble identifying the differences and similarities between a basic manufacturing process such as welding and the complex process of metal fabrication.


While both processes deal with managing and shaping metal, welding is a more basic activity that requires only one task. Welders basically join two pieces of metal together using specialized equipment and becoming experts at completing that specific task as quickly and as effectively as possible.


On the other hand, metal fabrication deals with the entire enchilada: the welding, cutting, bending and assembling of metal parts. In manufacturing and construction, certain tasks revolving around fabrication is often performed by welders, while fabricators also perform welding occasionally. However, the two positions are not interchangeable, and any manager will tell you that they won’t trust a welder to perform complex fabrication activities on a regular basis.


In some cases, fabrication has a lot to do with welding, however that is not necessarily a rule. The important thing to remember is that a well-organized manufacturing or construction company such as https://www.haselden.com/miscellaneous-metals/, will always assign the people best suited to both tasks, and not neglect the necessity for a more experienced expert in metal fabrication, when one is needed.