Excavation safety is a big concern for many companies and regular individuals alike. If you have a project in mind that will require you to start digging, then it’s important to make sure you and everyone else that might be involved in the opening stages of the project are kept safe.


Whether you’re just digging a trench in your back yard or bringing in a large machine to dig a much deeper hole, it’s important to be prepared. The first thing to do is always call 811 and have a team of experts examine the ground before you start to excavate. It can happen that utility lines and pipes may run underneath your property, in which case it can be a serious hazard to start digging without the support of your local experts, since you never know when you might hit a power line or phone line.


Another important thing to keep in mind is that you have to wear your safety equipment at all times, and make sure the general contractor Fort Collins CO located company you hired stays safe as well. Digging doesn’t seem like a dangerous job at first, but you might be surprised how many experienced workers have been injured while digging, just because they failed to wear their protective gear.


Finally, always listen to the construction project manager’s instructions, even and most especially when you don’t yet have the level of experience where you’ll know exactly what you have to do and how to do it.