self-perform: earthwork

Earthwork is an important part of all new construction projects and many renovation projects. Haselden’s Self-Perform Earthwork team can take care of all of your earthwork needs including site demolition and asphalt removal, small-scale excavation, soil correction, channel work (including riprap and boulder placement, as well as drop structures), site survey, and erosion control.

Collaborating with the other subcontractors and fostering strong relationships with them is a crucial part of our process; we all need to succeed to ultimately make your project successful.

St. Thomas More Parish Underpinning for Elevator Shaft

Case Study: Excavation at St. Thomas More Catholic Parish

In order to hold up the existing building while excavating for the new elevator core, we performed underpinning. The new elevator foundations are deeper than the existing building – some 16′ deeper and some 5′ deeper. To accomplish this unusual excavation, we hand shoveled the dirt into five gallon buckets, hauling them up with rope within the forms.

CU Engineering Soil Correction

Case Study: Soil Correction at CU Boulder Engineering

As part of our project at University of Colorado Boulder’s Engineering College of Environmental Sustainability, we are extending the building’s entry. To ensure a successful structure, we first needed to stabilize the soil on which it will be built. To do this, we excavated 4′ down in the area directly in front of the building (pictured above), conditioned the soil for optimum moisture content, and recompacted it. What was once an approximately 1600 SF area of outdoor space will now be the new interior entry vestibule of the building.

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