new commercial construction process

Construction buyers are key employees who usually work for the main contractor of a construction project and are responsible for the procurement of the materials and products necessary for the construction and for ensuring that the supplies needed for the building project are available. While buyers are not directly involved in construction projects – they do not check project progress themselves –, their duties include continuous liaising with the professionals who are working on the project directly, such as the architects and the engineers. Here are some of the tasks handled by construction buyers:

  • Participation in meetings in the pre-construction phase to complete the selection of materials;
  • Identifying and selecting material suppliers – this phase usually involves the assessment of products and suppliers from the point of view of requirements regarding safety, health and environment protection;
  • Requesting and obtaining quotes for all the material types used for the construction;
  • Negotiations with the suppliers and the preparation of contacts to be entered with the suppliers;
  • Preparing the contracts with suppliers and placing the orders for the materials needed based on the project scheduling, in a way to ensure maximum efficiency;
  • Preparing and issuing cost reports;
  • The participation in cost-saving processes.

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