Commercial construction is a very broad term that can equally refer to the erection of a prefabricated steel building to the construction of a large shopping mall or of some different type of commercial facility. While you might think that the size of the project will determine the size of the company that undertakes it, in other words, that large commercial construction projects can only be handled by large companies, modern technology and the possibility to hire subcontractors makes even the largest construction project available for small companies as well.

While in the past large commercial construction projects were only handled by huge companies that had separate departments to handle each and every construction phase from excavating the hole for the base all the way up to installing the last fixture, today construction projects of all sizes are efficiently handled by general contractors who either provide some of the work through their own teams and hire collaborators for the other phases or that provide only the coordination and the overseeing part of the process and work entirely with subcontractors. This also means that a large construction project in the Centennial state can be efficiently handled by a small company and the companies network of verified and time tested Fort Collins contractors.