Tips On Earth Friendly Construction Materials


Our Earth is slowly dying. Part of the problem is the pollution generated by the construction industry. Only cement-making is responsible for about five percent of the total global carbon emissions. Fortunately, the progress in the industry led to many advancements in terms of protecting the environment.

Choose eco-friendly materials

Whether you are building a chicken coop or a two-story house, a plethora of affordable, sustainable materials are available to the environmental friendly Denver contractors and surrounding areas. Take into account recycled wood or old shipping containers. Mud bricks are also an ancient material that has proven its efficiency over the centuries. Do some research and find out what material best suits your needs. Even if you stick with traditional materials, make sure they come from companies who treat the environment responsibly.

Energy efficiency

Plan ahead when you build. A huge bay window means a massive heat loss during winter. The furnace burns harder, thus polluting more. Insulating the walls and roof, using double-paned windows and minimizing gaps in the construction all contribute to the savings, both for your bills and for the nature.

Size matters

Last but not least, be realistic about the size of the construction that really fits your needs. Building larger leads to useless space that has to be heated in winter and cooled during summer, needlessly wasting energy.