Engage Expert General Contractors

The roles assumed by construction companies and by general contractors are sometimes interchangeable and sometimes they are not – while construction companies might undertake projects in which they serve as general contractors hired directly by the client, they might also serve as subcontractors when they undertake projects supervised by a different company acting as general contractor. To complicate matters even further, construction companies can be categorized as renovation contractors, owner-builders and real estate developers and there are general contractors Fort Collins companies the activity of which consists in keeping in touch with the owner and managing the work performed by specialized subcontractors. There are also companies called package builders that handle all the phases related to a construction, from the acquisition of the land and the financing process through design and all the way to end of the actual construction process.

As you see, in some cases, it is possible for construction companies to hire general contractors and the companies that are hired as general contractors in one project might take on a completely different role in another project. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the company’s experience and resources – the more diversified the company’s expertise, the more diverse the projects they can participate in.