Construction Infrastrure Design Technology Project

Urban infrastructure is a broad term that includes a variety of Denver construction projects, from road building to developing pipelines and many others. Commercial construction companies are mostly involved in building, renovating and extending commercial properties, which means that they do not regularly participate in urban infrastructure development, but they can, provided they have the right expertise, teams composed of the right type of specialists and the right type of machines. Here is what an urban infrastructure development process involves:

  • Project components – like commercial development projects, urban infrastructure development is also handled by a central contractor. Urban infrastructure projects start with companies bidding to obtain the role of the central contractor. The companies interested in winning the tender submit a documentation that includes all the important details of the project, such as the price and the subcontractors, then a team of experts delegated by the client evaluates the tender documentations then chooses the winners;
  • The role of commercial builders – commercial builders can either submit their tenders to become general constructors for urban infrastructure projects or they can submit tender documentations to work with the winner of the development tender as a subcontractor. In both situations, the commercial builder submitting a tender need to fulfill exacting requirements regarding know-how, personnel and assets.