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Commercial construction companies are businesses that make resistance structures (foundations, pillars, beams, floors), masonry, exterior and interior finishes and roof construction. They have qualified personnel for each type of work including carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, concrete workers, painters, flooring workers, stonemasons and many others.

However, there are other people involved in commercial Denver construction: the site manager, the electrical installation company, the plumbing company, the suppliers of materials or equipment, the suppliers of interior finishes etc.

A general contractor is someone who coordinates all these specialist and suppliers, ensuring the guarantee certificates and the adequate execution of the construction. In turn, the contractor can be verified by a company that offers project management services, which takes over the plans of the design team consisting of architects and engineers and, in parallel, checks the exactness of information, prices and implementation of the project, based on the estimates presented by the contractor

An experienced contractor will manage the subcontractors efficiently, pre-negotiate technical solutions, advise the client on certain technical-financial aspects and anticipate or remedy certain problems that may appear during the execution.

In charge of the contractor, there is also the obligation to comply with the execution deadlines agreed with the beneficiary.

Therefore, commercial construction companies do not hire contractors. It is the beneficiary who chooses the option to hire a contractor, in order to have a singular point of contact that coordinates all the works.