Haselden provided CM/GC services for the new multipurpose Denver Police Department site that features a new training facility/firing range, new parking garage, as well as space for the Traffic Operations Bureau, and the Traffic Investigations Unit. Funded through the Better Denver Bond Program, the facilities were constructed to be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Sandwiched between an elevated Interstate 25 ramp and a future light rail bridge, just north of a dusty train yard and south of a highway maintenance shed, the centralized site enables fast response from officers as needed. The project consisted of a new training facility, firing range, traffic investigations bureau and traffic investigation unit.

The new training facility and firing range consisted of a 9,700-square-foot facility that incorporated a state-of-the-art, versatile space with firing range and associated offices which allows for hands-on training in life-like surroundings, enabling officers to improve their skills to better protect the public. The training firing range has a large space where vehicles can be brought into the range as part of the training scenarios, and a greater number of officers can train at once. Constructed of high-strength concrete walls supported by steel and concrete joists, the tactical range allows for training up to 75 yards in distance and 180 degree capabilities, and features a separate simulator room to prepare officers for specialized situations. The facility also holds 12 workstations, bulk storage and locker rooms.

The traffic operations bureau and traffic investigations unit consisted of a remodel to an existing 22,020-square-foot warehouse to bring the two divisions into one building, allowing for improved communication and a more centralized delivery of services to the public. The transformed facility consists of 88 workstations, locker rooms, roll call room, and fitness center.