Haselden’s relationship with Colorado State University dates back to the early ‘90s. From student housing to the Chemistry Research Building to renovation of the Lory Student Center that’s currently underway. So when we had the opportunity to become a major sponsor of the Moby Loft project, we were more than happy to jump on board.

Why IS It Called the Moby Arena??

According to an article post on CSU’s Alumline blog, two editors for the Rocky Mountain Collegian watched the building’s construction from the windows of their residence hall and thought it looked like a whale. They started citing it as such in their articles, and the name gained popularity. CSU administration finally gave it and renamed the structure Moby Arena.

Moby History

The iconic Moby Arena (originally named Auditorium Arena) held its inaugural game on January 27, 1966. CSU’s men’s basketball team beat New Mexico State, 109 to 70. Built to seat 8,745, it replaced the 1,500 seat South College Gymnasium which was built in 1926. Home to both CSU’s basketball and volleyball teams, the arena has also held numerous concerts including the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Doobie Brothers, Ludacris, Van Halen, and Willie Nelson, to name just a few. The arena also houses the Colorado State sports Hall of Fame area dedicated to CSU athletics history.

The Project

CSU wanted to bring a new fan experience to the Moby that would be purposeful no matter what the event being held. Because of the popularity of the New Belgium Porch at CSU’s Canvas Stadium, they decided to create the Moby Loft. Kevin Loughran, a senior estimator in Haselden’s Fort Collins office (and CSU grad), assembled a team of designers, subcontractors, and vendors who volunteered most of the time and materials needed to make this project a reality. Kevin brought in his brother, Anthony Loughran, an architect at Perkins & Will, to design the space. “The goal was to create a unique and exciting environment around athletics and offer special amenities to patrons during an event,” said Anthony.

Several firms came together to sponsor this space for the university, and Phase 1 was recently completed. Located at the west end of the arena, the Loft contains two bars, with continuous drink rails framing out the space. The drink rails were fabricated and installed by Haselden’s own Miscellaneous Metals team. Phase 2 will bring in environmental graphics, TVs, a communal table, and enhanced lighting.

Keeping It in the Family

An added bonus to this project, Anthony and Kevin finally got the chance to work together! “There’s always been a bit of good-natured sibling and school rivalry since I work on the construction side and went to CSU and Anthony works on the design side and went to CU Boulder,” said Kevin. “So it’s been nice to have a project that let us work together and appreciate each other’s skill sets.”

Kevin Loughran (left) & Anthony Loughran (right)

Team members from KL&A, Haselden Construction, Perkins & Will, and Haldeman Homme

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