Every year we post pictures across our social media sites of the hundreds of dozens of cookies that are baked by our team members as part of our Cookies for Construction holiday tradition. Ever wonder how it all started?


In 1995 we were building six schools in the Roaring Fork Valley. We had an “office” in Basalt that was actually a house, and one of the project engineers would sometimes commandeer to use the kitchen to concoct culinary treats like cookies and chocolate pretzels. However, those goodies didn’t leave the office, so unless you stopped by, you didn’t get to enjoy them.

That Christmas, that creative project engineer suggested getting all the office staff together on a weekend and having a “bake-a-thon,” then distributing all those sweets to the jobsites. Needless to say, the delivery of homemade cookies and candy was a hit!

Back to the Future

More than two decades later, the tradition is still going strong. We’ve added a few items to the mix—for instance, for every dozen cookies someone in the office bakes, our Executive Leadership Team commits to baking that many as well. They hole up on a Saturday in a commercial kitchen (for the last several years, Our Lady of Loreto Catholic Parish has been kind enough to let us use their kitchen) to bake hundreds of dozens of spritz cookies—Byron Haselden’s mom’s recipe!

The cookies are all collected in the breakroom at our Corporate Headquarters, where volunteers box the cookies for each jobsite, making sure each project gets a good variety of the many, many different kinds of cookies and candies everyone brings in. Once everything is boxed and ready with the holiday labels, more volunteers drive the cookies to the jobsites whether they’re local, in Wyoming, or in the mountains.

Sense of Belonging

Cookies for Construction is just one of the ways we tie into our core value of Sense of Belonging and show our appreciation to our craft workers for the amazing job they do every day!