Constractors Construction Site Safety

To work in the construction field, it is certainly not easy, neither safe, yet, over 6.5 million people work in the construction industry. The most common workplace accidents in the construction sites are injuries while operating the tools and equipment, falls and scaffold collapse. Therefore, on these grounds, every worker has to protected by a series of Safety Law and all of the main Denver contractors on site are responsible for the worker`s health and safety.

  1. Every worker must be given work protection training.
  2. Masonry operations must be carried out by qualified personnel only.
  3. Required personnel protection equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times: hard hat and safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves shirts, long work pants, and sturdy work shoes or boots, hearing respiratory protection if needed, FR clothing when working with live electric.
  4. Walkways, ladders and work platforms must be fitted with guard rails, to prevent slipping and falling. Scaffold must be sound, rigid, erected on solid footing and have to be able to carry its own weight plus four times the maximum intended load without settling or displacement and least 10 feet away from electric power lines at all times.
  5. Hazardous places must be marked.
  6. Inspect any wire rope, chains and hook for any damage.
  7. Always use a protective system for trenches feet deep or greater.