New Construction Trends

The Centennial state represents a healthy construction marketplace – one of the healthiest in the country – which is expected to keep growing and become higher than the national figure.

Labor shortage continues

The construction industry had to deal with this problem constantly, since the economic crisis. At that moment, many workers left looking for work and never came back, so the construction industry face a severe labor shortage, which translates into a rather slow production. Unfortunately, it does not seem there will be a resolve any time soon, although there are many open positions, and employers do their best to motivate workers to work for them.

Residential construction is doing well

Specialists predict it will increase with a few percent this year. On the other hand, there is a slowdown in non-residential construction, which is expected to keep decreasing slowly.

Investing in public projects and exploring more technological options

Infrastructure is expected to be privileged.


Incorporating green elements in Denver construction becomes a priority and represents a significant trend that will continue in the future. In most of the cases, it is about adding components of the green technology, but it is also expected that we start to see new buildings 100% green.