Construction In 2019

The construction industry is diverse not only in terms of the profiles of the corporate players in it, but also in terms of the jobs available. While many jobs in the segment, such as the positions of architects, engineers, master builders, installations and repair technicians, carpenters, electricians and bricklayers, require candidates to possess technical skills at the moment of employment, there is a wide range of positions available for those who want to learn a trade – here are some of the skills and areas that are worth studying in 2019:

  • The installation, service and maintenance of photovoltaic cells and solar panels – as energy efficiency is coming increasingly to the foreground and is becoming an important requirement for new construction as well as in remodeling projects, the technicians who have knowledge and experience in the field;
  • Plumbing – the construction industry is on the rise, which means that new construction projects are being launched all the time, so the demand for good plumbers willing to learn new technologies is also increasing;
  • Masonry – masonry jobs are also expected to grow significantly, especially as fireplaces and landscaping solutions using natural stone are becoming increasingly popular;
  • Assistance – this area requires soft skills, rather than technical knowledge, therefore it has lots of opportunities for anyone who possesses great communication and organization skills and is looking for a way to learn new things, a little bit of everything done on a construction site.  Great construction companies like Haselden Construction in Denver employ the experts needed for their construction projects for concise quality builds.