“Worshiping” is a subjective concept that people perceive differently, according to various interior and exterior factors, therefore creating worship spaces translates into the ability to create a space that fits a person’s or a religious/ spiritual group`s worship needs.

As we know, there are no two churches alike; they may be similar, especially if they belong to the same religion, but they are never identical – and this is mostly because space has different effects on us.

Current technologies used in Fort Collins construction allow the design of a myriad of sacred spaces, for people of all ages who seek for a deeper relationship with deities, self and others. But considering that there is no standard or mass-production solution, one should start with gathering the leaders and the members of the church body and discuss important aspects such as:

  • the visual cues that make people know exactly where they are and what is expected of them in this particular worship space
  • the design elements and symbols that connect this worship space to the history and traditions of the religion
  • the details that contribute to the creation of a comfortable place to introvert one’s thoughts, where people can feel peace
  • the ways to keep the communication with the outside world open

It is not necessary that all these elements converge to a specific construction style, because a worship facility should be more than this and call to a deeper meaning.