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All buildings are exposed to local weather, year round, and design strategy that work good in warm areas, with mild climates, will not be that successful in areas with harsher climates. This is actually the reason why climate considerations shape the building designs in different corners of the world.

Particularities of Colorado weather can vary widely from one region to another, because of the state`s combination of high elevation, midlatitude and continental interior geography, as well as the orientation of mountain ranges and valleys.  Generally, there are 4 temperate seasons and 300 days of sunshine, but there are significant seasonal swings in temperature as well as temperature differences between different regions; therefore constructing a building in Colorado is a process that cannot be standardized so easily by construction companies in Denver.

Regardless where you plan to build, you should first get familiar with the zoning and setbacks, because some properties are not zoned for certain types of buildings, not to mention that some neighborhoods may have some specific design guidelines. Setbacks can also make a difference depending on the size of your lot; they can dictate the size and placement of the building.

The next step is considering the local climate. For example, if you build in the mountain areas, you should definitely not ignore the influence of snow, because it will determine the site`s placement, the orientation of the building, as well as the design and construction of your roof and the choice of the other necessary materials.