How To Avoid Common MistakesEvery construction is different in terms of size, style, function and lots of other features, yet the range of the most common mistakes made when designing construction is not that wide. Here are some of the most frequent mistakes:

  • Improper sizing – putting up with a building that is smaller than initially intended on the end of the owner or advising the future owner to get a smaller building for reasons of reduced costs can hinder usability and, ultimately, comfort as well;
  • Poorly sized electrical circuits – not designing electric circuits with the load that they need to bear in mind is another frequent and common building design mistake and also one that is very complicated and costly to remedy later;
  • Poorly designed plumbing – water pipes that are not in the right place or that are not of the right size are also very difficult to fix later, especially in the case of prefabricated buildings or log houses;
  • Undersized or oversized foundations – the foundation that the building rests on needs to be able to sustain and anchor the building properly, but making it too deep or too large will increase building costs substantially, without increasing building stability proportionately.  Hiring the right Denver contractors for the job makes a world of difference in the construction project as well.