Engage General Contractors Experts In Construction

Commercial general contractors are construction professionals that are in charge of overseeing and managing the entire construction process, from the initial price calculations all the way to handing over the turn-key construction. Here are some of the major duties fulfilled by commercial general contractors:

  • Filing for and obtaining building permits – general contractors usually assume the responsibility of preparing the documentations necessary for obtaining the permits for starting the construction;
  • Material purchasing – the contractor keeps in touch with material suppliers and handles the ordering processes;
  • Ensuring the construction machines and equipment to be used on the site and ensuring they are in proper operating condition;
  • Hiring subcontractors – general contractors handle the process of identifying and assessing available specialized contractors for the construction, such as excavation contractors, masons, electricians, plumbers, painters and various installation specialists;
  • Overseeing all the processes – general contractors Fort Collins has are the professionals who manage all the processes involved in the construction and for solving any related issues;
  • Ensuring safety on the job site – one of the most important priorities of commercial general contractors is to ensure that all processes are performed in compliance with safety regulations and that everyone on site has received the proper training to be able to perform their tasks in safety.