2019 Construction TrendsThe most important factors that shape commercial trends for 2019 are advancing technologies and favorable economic circumstances – here are a few of the changes that can be expected this year:

  • Growing size – larger buildings might cost more to build, but are more economical to own. Favorable business environments increase the demand for capacity, which makes more and more companies choose larger buildings or modular construction that can be freely expanded, rather than smaller buildings;
  • Design-build solutions – more and more companies prefer to get their building design and their building from the same source. The method is becoming increasingly popular in the private sector as well as for the collaboration between public institutions and private contractors, preferred for the reduced timeframe and costs offered;
  • Benefiting from advanced imaging solutions with drones – the use of drones in commercial construction has been growing rapidly for a few years and the trend is likely to continue in 2019 as well. The images and the data transmitted by the drones can be used for assessing terrain features and mapping as well as for thermal imaging;
  • Reduced waste – modern design and building technologies also focus on using exactly the amount of construction material that is necessary for the project, not more.

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