Construction Company Requirements 2020

Commercial construction regulations are updated regularly and the 2020 year is going to see many changes that the companies involved into any type of commercial construction needs to know about and to observe. While many of the changes are regional or state-specific, the fields in which they are implemented are very similar for all states and regions – here are some:

  • Lighting – the illumination system is a major consumer in any building, therefore construction regulations have increasingly strict stipulations for the types of the materials and technologies to be used;
  • Sustainability and energy efficiency – sustainable building solutions reduce the building’s impact on the environment, while energy-efficient solutions reduce both environmental impact and overheads. Upcoming construction regulations are likely to include new provisions in these two key areas as well, including provisions pertaining to the usage of sensors that turn the lights on and off as well as the quality, the type and the capacity of the illuminating bodies used in commercial buildings;
  • Licensing, permits and authorizations – the document administration and authorization process is also likely to change in 2020, so whatever commercial building project you have in mind for the next year, make sure to consult the latest applicable building code provisions.  Haselden Construction is a company that keeps up to date with the latest building regulations in their construction projects.  Contact them for some of the best commercial construction.