Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Building

Winter brings harsh weather conditions that often cause stress to commercial buildings. Getting them ready for spring should be a priority, every year, to prevent further damage, protect your insurance and enhance the appearance of the property.

There are a few key areas that you should include on your spring maintenance checklist for the Fort Collins contractors you hire.

The roof

Roof maintenance is very important and must be performed at least twice a year – before and after the season with the harshest climate. In most of the cases, winter is that season, so as soon as it is over, schedule a roof inspection to assess its overall condition and identify potential problems that occurred during the cold season.

The façade

Weather conditions specific to winter can cause significant wear to a commercial building`s façade. Look for chipped paint, foundation cracks, or damaged masonry or siding and repair them before the arrival of the spring.

The HVAC system

During the winter, the heating system performs at its full capacity, so the arrival of spring is a good time to check its condition, to ensure proper working before the summer.  Maintenance operations that are typically performed include flushing the water heaters, checking the carbon monoxide detectors and replacement of air filters.


Ornamental vegetation around a commercial building must also be prepared for spring growth. Clean up debris, remove any broken limbs and apply mulch.