Haselden Commercial Building MaintenanceMaintenance refers to general upkeep of a building in order to fulfill its designed purpose. Commercial building maintenance projects may include routine works, but also recurring repairs or sometimes even having to bring systems back to their full functional state.

Commercial building maintenance refers to the acts of moving, repairing, demolishing, installing elements to the previously built infrastructure and facilities. Projects often involve the expertise of engineers, but thanks to the technological advancements we have nowadays, they can offer remote assistance.

For Spring, commercial building projects may refer to services such as:

  • Painting and decorating –which includes papering or painting repairs;
  • Plumbing –may refer to various works, from pipe installations to fixing sewage problems, or bathroom renovations;
  • Flooring –which may refer to several types of flooring materials, such as vinyl sheet, wood, carpet tiles, rubber, etc;
  • Roofing and roof repairs – they are essential not only for commercial buildings, but also for the safety of passers-by;
  • Glazing – refers to window and door fixings and replacements;
  • Security – including alarms, fencing, door locking systems, CCTV cameras, and so on;
  • Plastering – from wall plastering repairs to whole building plastering works;
  • Carpentry – includes mostly any type of wood works necessary for a commercial building.

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